Brian King ART

Handcafted jewelry, unique photographic prints, wonderful posters, fabulous graphics.
A vast array of styles, colors, moods and subjects await your viewing.
Los Angeles - Santa Fe - Denver - Austin

Amazing vARIETY

You will find what you are seeking in the many artworks of Brian King, career artist for over twenty five years
Award winning talents and an amazing variety of artforms, styles and vision.

Jewelry at ETSY Video

A short video preview of some of our jewelry at ETSY.

the great art giveaway Video

The true story of two struggling artists: Vikki and Brian King.

artist statement

As an environmental, social and political artist my artworks are visionary, embodying subjects relevant to today’s issues by employing modern and classical aesthetics. I renew my focus daily on painting, sculpture, and the creation of artisan goods. My artistic goal is to create works of beauty that are at once symphonic and piquant. I believe art is a way of living, not the objects we create. All artists are visionaries, reflecting our past, interpreting our present and envisioning our future. I seek to add beauty to our world.


Many of my artworks on are not yet available for purchase online. You will find photos of amazing cloudscapes, sunbeams, storms, lightning, and other sky phenomenon. Most amazing to me are the extremely rare lenticular cloud shots. Visit the other two sites just for fun. This list changes regularly to feature my many sister sites.

  • Lenticular cloud formations!
  • Furious storms and tempests.
  • Peaceful cumulus puffs.
  • Strange things, odd shapes, sunbeams.

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